The Living in Oneness Original Webinar




    I recommend everybody to replay any video on Brian’s library as it is ‘received’ differently especially whenever we feel like ‘falling back’ into our ‘beliefs, conclusions, resentment, etc’.

    Thank you, Brian for not giving up on the ‘back & forth’ learners ;-).

  2. Susan Ramirez

    Watching this again I realized I have never been the true authority over my own life. I’ve never taken ownership of it. I’ve just been pissed off for the last 50 years afraid of other’s stupid thinking and gullible. No wonder I haven’t lived the life of my dreams. I don’t even know who’s dream I’m dreaming. I’ve been in a perpetual state of resistance and suffering like a 3 year old. Thank you Brian. I’m looking forward to taking the steering wheel for myself finally.

    1. Jennifer Fisher

      I am right there with you. Sounds like my life. I’m done feeling sorry for myself and finally taking ownership for my life and being free.