Mastering Life in Presence

ALOHA and Welcome to Mastering Life in Presence!

If you are new to my work, please pay radical attention and bring total presence to this post.

This is the post with all details and links.

*****Please read it from top to bottom attentively and carefully – twice. There are many actions for you to take to guarantee that you get EVERYTHING possible out of this program.****

If you have been with me for a while, read it three times.

This will be the most complete AND advanced program I have ever done.

It is going to radically transform your life. (Well, YOU are going to transform your life. I am gonna help.)

It is essential that you get prepared, master the 5-Layer Breathing and absorb as many of the videos below as possible. (All links are below.) IF YOU DO NOT CHOOSE TO LIVE YOUR LIFE FULLY COMMITTED TO BREATHING WITH PRESENCE, YOUR RESULTS WILL BE LIMITED TO THAT EXTENT.

Sessions are on Thursdays at 11: 00 am HST/1:00 pm PST/4:00 pm EST.

Sessions will be from one to two hours long (sometimes longer than two hours).

I am giving you a LOT of material in this post. Absorb as much of it as possible before our first session.

Do not feel that you need to get through ALL of it. Do as much as you can do, and then come back and do more as you go through the program.

There were 12 sessions in the original program.  Your monthly membership gives you full access to the Original 12 sessions AND the Live weekly calls.

If you haven’t already done so, I strongly recommend that you join my Unconditional Happiness Facebook group:

I suggest that you buy a new journal or notebook today and have it with you at all times.

Start NOW, writing out all of the things that you most want to change, the items which appear to hold the most pain/frustration for you.

Plan to track your mental, emotional and physical/life progress on each of these issues as we go through this program session by session.

Zoom Meeting Link

The zoom link is unique for each session and will be sent via email before the sessions.

Tech Tip:

Orientation Session (required before your first live session)

Optional Videos

Here are a few optional videos and tools for you to use prior to, and during the weeks of the program:
A. The FULL “Century of The Self” Program on Youtube:

B. “The Suppressed History of The United States” on YouTube:

These are not fun to watch. They ARE important and very helpful. Get through it. Take notes. Understand this aspect of “how we got here”. BRING FULL PRESENCE

CORE ESSENTIALS to help you get the most out of every session:

  1. My “Breath Basics” Videos >
    Hint: the more fully you master this breathing, the more you will get out of this program
  2. A session about PRESENCE. Master this set of concepts. Watch it as many times as necessary: (This is a bonus from a previous multi-thousand dollar program. You’re welcome!)
  3. The “Drama Machine” Session. Just watch it.
  4. The “ME” Session — this will support you after the 2nd Session “The Drama Machine”

e. How To Maximize Your Transformational Results 2.0″ This is a recent session I did with a 1 on 1 private client —- and during the session, some of the most powerful info EVER came through me regarding how to make the absolute MOST out of your inner work with me:

Special Bonus: “The Source of My Money” (from a recent Your Perfect Man session)